Sometimes when you play a Murder Mystery Night game, your Storyteller will award you a special achievement based on your play. You can think of these as sort of like XBox achievements—their “benefits” are the only things which carry over between your Murder Mystery Night characters, but these effects are very minor and intended to be mainly just for our amusement.

Here are the achievements thus far earned:


Sole Survivor: +1 to Survival rolls to navigate wilderness
Gruesome Bisection: +1 to any roll involving cutting something in half
Canis Necare: +1 to attack rolls versus dogs.
Zat Ist Gut: +1 to Persuasion rolls to convince someone you are from Germany.


MURDERHOUSE!: +1 to all attack rolls when you are the killer and everyone knows it.
Dr. Ninja: +1 to stealth rolls if your Medicine skill is higher than your Stealth.
I Should Have Been Able to See You, You Bastard: If you fail a perception check, and are about to die as a result of failing that check, roll one more die.
Invisible Burn Victim: +1 to all stealth rolls while on fire.


Yes, Mother: Any attempt to target your own throat with an edged weapon automatically succeeds.
Loving Husband: +1 to attack and -1 to Defense against Nick.


Liquid Courage: As long as you are holding a beverage, drinking is a reflexive action.
It’s Going to Be Okay: +1 to your next action whenever your plan goes horribly, horribly wrong.


Too Easy: This achievement has no effect because you don’t need any help.


BRAAAAAAAAAAAINS!: +1 to any attempt to open another person’s skull with your hands or mouth.
You shot me!!!: +1 to any Persuasion rolls to convince people that someone shot you.


I Should Get Some Defense: +1 Defense while wielding a tire iron against 2 or more foes whom you cannot see.


IT’S JAMMED!: No gun you are wielding will ever jam.
I KNEW IT!: +1 dice to any roll when you’re acting against someone you’re SURE is the killer—when you’re wrong.


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