Session two

The log from Murder Mystery Evening #2! Enjoy.

[20:57] Dan: All right. So it’s a hot summer afternoon in Boston when you are all standing, scattered around, in the Amtrak station waiting to board.
[20:57] Dan: You get the call, and you all head on to your train carrying your loads of luggage of varying sizes.
[20:58] Dan: Most people get into the coach cars, which are toward the front of the train. You all file into First Class, which is one of the rearmost cars.
[20:58] Dan: The First Class section is two cars: a car for sitting/sleeping/etc., and a dining car.
[20:58] Dan: Your seats look something like this: (Link:
[20:58] datolkienmaster: Woot.
[20:59] Dan: Since there is a pretty big first class car, and there are only a few of you in this part of the train, you can afford to spread out or sit near to each other as you like.
[20:59] Dan: Everyone describe your characters and then you can decide if you’re sitting near anyone, or sitting alone, or whatever.
[21:00] datolkienmaster: She sits in one of the seats, sprawled out lazily. She’s a blonde woman in her early 20s, wearing a tight black shirt that says “Stand back, I’m going to try science!” and khaki cargo pants that are way too large for her, to the point that they’re halfway down her ass and showing off her underwear which says “WARRANTY void if removed.” She’s currently got an earbud in one ear and she’s bopping her head up and down to some song that she also happens to be singing under her breath: “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you dooooown, never gonna ruuuuuuuun arooouund and desert you…” She eyes anyone else in the passenger car, her head bopping.
[21:01] Brian is a beanpole of a man. He dresses business casual and carries himself accordingly. His close shaven head veers to look across the other passengers before taking the seating booth section two up from our singing queen.
[21:02] Obvagio: A wrinkled old man, easily 60, if not older, sits down in relatively abandoned section of the car. He’s wearing plain black clothes, with a tell-tale white collar of a priest at his throat.
[21:04] PaperclipPanther: Travis is sitting away from everyone in the corner. A natural Tree of a man, his neck the same size as his head and bairly popping out of his broad sholders. His hair is cut in a relatively poor High and tight, and his face is in a constant grimmace, whether checking out to make sure where everyone is or staring out the window quietly. He’s in some raggety jeans and an old purple “Addidas” hoodie that look like they could have been stolen from a local thrift store.
[21:05] datolkienmaster: She taps her iphone a little bit, staring down at the songs as they scroll past, and finally comes to a halt, bumping her head to a faster beat. She twists in her seat to peer at everyone else in first class, seeming excited to be here: “Oh you think you got it, but got it just don’t get it til it’s nothin’ at alllllllll! We get togetha!” Her fingers drill themselves on her legs.
[21:05] Dan: A good-looking fellow in a dark Armani suit comes on to the train, carrying a slender briefcase and flashing a charming smile to all he passes: first the Surgeon, then the Engineer: “Hey. Good afternoon. Lovely day.”
[21:06] datolkienmaster: “Hey. Yeah, it is,” she offers in return.
[21:06] Obvagio: While all this is going on, I take out my Bible and look over it, trying my best to ignore everyone else in the car.
[21:07] Finally, a decent-seeming fellow. The surgeon returns this small smile. “And to you as well.”
[21:07] datolkienmaster: “You know what do — shake it shake it like a polaroid picture,” she hums.

Here, the Engineer is actually using her singing to communicate with her point man, who is speaking to her through a hidden earpiece:

[21:06] Dan: “I know you’ve been briefed already, but let me run it down one more time. We’re monitoring you from the air. Small explosive charges have been planted between the dining car and the car ahead of it. When you get into a tunnel under the Appalachians, the charges will be blown, separating the cars. Your EMP trigger will be nearby. Kill the lights, kill the wolf. Excalibur will extract.”
[21:08] Mackenzie: The “Know what to doooo,” is timed appropriately to answer him.


[21:07] PaperclipPanther: Travis stares down the Newcomer with a first rate stink eye, then goes back to watching the cows fly by his window…
[21:07] Dan: Armani man walks by the Priest, and smiles and puts up a hand, saying, “To tell the whole truth and nothing but!”
[21:08] Obvagio: I look up at him. “As well you should. Liars do get a dreadful fate…”
[21:08] Dan: The man laughs, scratches his head, says, “Uh yeah,” and goes to his seat.
[21:08] Dan: Luggage is packed into overhead bins, everyone settles into their seats, and the train starts moving. A voice over the speaker welcomes you all to Amtrak and wishes you all a pleasant ride.
[21:09] Dan: The Boston landscape begins to roll by, the sun twinkling gently through the windows.
[21:09] datolkienmaster: She uses this moment to dig into her luggage and pull out her laptop, zipping up her bag after and opening the computer up to start taptaptapping away. Probably blogging.
[21:10] datolkienmaster: “There’s only one thing, two do, three words, fooourr yooou….I loooove you…”

Here the Engineer is reporting to her point man:

[21:09] Dan: “How many in the car with you?”
[21:11] Mackenzie: “One thing, two do, three words, Foooour yoooou…”
[21:11] Dan: “Roger. Good odds. Worst case, minimal collateral damage.”


[21:12] The surgeon sits back, pulling a pamphlet out to glance about, occasionally looking about to see how the others scurry about their tasks.
[21:12] Dan: Armani man, after making several attempts at small talk and getting mostly nothing, settles into his seat and starts reading Tom Clancy.

Meanwhile, our Priest is becoming uneasy…

[21:10] Dan: After you’re sitting there for a while, you start to get this niggling “unclean” sensation. It’s quite mild—you’ve had far, far worse—but over the next few hours it starts to nag at you increasingly. Something is out of place. The Devil is aboard.
[21:11] obvagio: Can I identify the source? Or is it just a general feeling?
[21:11] Dan: General feeling.
[21:11] Dan: Somewhere in the car, most likely. You can’t tell where.
[21:11] obvagio: Yeah… Thought so. That would make this much too easy if I could.


[21:12] Obvagio: I get a very odd look on my face as I survey the car, eyeing everything with a suspicious glare.
[21:12] PaperclipPanther: Travis continues to move his gaze back and forth from the passengers to the countryside… He leans back as best he can on the wall seat.
[21:12] datolkienmaster: “So,” she peers around her laptop to look forward at the surgeon. “This your first time on a train too?”
[21:13] “No. I traveled to Chicago for a conference aboard another just last Spring.” He folds the pamphlet again.
[21:13] Dan: “First time on a train?” remarks Armani man, nose in his book. “Seriously?”
[21:14] datolkienmaster: “Cool. I’ve never been to Chicago. Yeah,” she turns to Armani. “Most people use airplanes! Hard to imagine. I mean, I don’t think subways count. I mean, this is a real train.”
[21:14] datolkienmaster: “Conference?” she says then the surgeon.
[21:15] “On the swine flu near epidemic. I take it you’re a frequent flyer instead?”
[21:16] Dan: A very pretty blonde walks down the aisle. She passes by the priest, and tilts her head, looking concerned. “Are you all right, sir? Is there anything I can get you?”
[21:16] datolkienmaster: “Nah. Not really. Flew to California once for this big ‘women engineers’ thing, but it was boring. Was supposed to empower me to become a leader in the field. All it did was make me wish they hadn’t disallowed laptops for the classes.”
[21:17] Obvagio: I look to her, with a slight scowl on my face. I do, however, atempt to be polite. “No, there’s nothing I need from you.”
[21:18] PaperclipPanther: The blonde doesn’t make it past the ever watchful gaze of angry tree man! She recieves an equeally quiet stink eye from Travis!
[21:18] Dan: “Oh, uhm—okay!” She looks over at Travis, then. “What about you, sir? Are you comfortable?”
[21:19] PaperclipPanther: “Perfect…” Travis damn near growls, looking back out the window.
[21:19] datolkienmaster: “Man, this place is obviously Optimists Anonymous.”
[21:20] datolkienmaster: She pushes her glasses up her nose and taptaptaps away at her laptop.
[21:20] Dan: “Uhm—okay! Sorry to bother you.” The pretty Amtrak employee skitters forward into the dining car.
[21:20] Obvagio: I scowl at the engineer, then return to my reading.
[21:20] datolkienmaster: She glances over her shoulder then toward the pro and then the priest. “Y’know, if you act like a grump you’re never gonna make anyone wanna believe in God.”
[21:23] Obvagio: My eye twitches, just a bit. "Dear child, this world is already hopelessly lost. I can’t help everyone.’
[21:23] Dan: Several hours of quietude and awkward conversations pass. You all settle into mostly-silence until the announcer on the loudspeaker entreats all first class passengers to visit the dining car!
[21:24] Dan: The train has by now gone well out of Massachusetts and has turned south into the beautiful landscape of the Appalachian mountains.
[21:24] datolkienmaster: She stretches, claps her laptop closed, and shoves it back into her bag, kicking it sideways. She hops to her feet and hitches her pants up. “Well, if anyone wants to follow me to see the hot blonde bombshell of a waitress stewardess lady and get some probably not-so-kickass food, let’s go.”
[21:24] Dan: Those familiar with the land will recognize they’re probably somewhere in Virginia or Maryland. The sun is starting to set.
[21:25] Dan: Armani man puts Tom Clancy down and says, “Definitely. I am all about the below-average train car food.”
[21:25] “Food is something most can agree on.” He glances to the pro and priest.
[21:25] datolkienmaster: “You can have the waitress then and I’ll take your below-average train car food. I like hospital food, so I figure train car food is the same.”
[21:26] datolkienmaster: She saunters her way toward the dining car, hitching her pants up the whole way, lest she show her ass.
[21:26] Obvagio: I put down my Bible, and stand up, turning to the surgeon. “agreed. I do find myself a bit hungry.”
[21:27] PaperclipPanther: Travis says nothing and keeps to himself. As the ride went on he seemed to be a little less on edge than when he began… he’s even closed his eyes a little, maybe he’s attempting sleep?!
[21:28] “A belt could help that situation. As could less things shoved in pockets.” He wanders after the engineer.
[21:28] datolkienmaster: “Belts are for sissies,” she shrugs and grins. “And a girls gotta be prepared, right? I’m fit to the nines for boredom. Got my iphone loaded with games and my ipod loaded with tunes.”
[21:29] Obvagio: I nod in agreement with the surgeon. Mumbling something about how kids these days have no modesty.
[21:29] Dan: You all make your way into the dining car: (Link:
[21:29] datolkienmaster: “Woah, fancy,” she stares around before sitting at one of the larger tables. “We should all sit together.”
[21:29] PaperclipPanther: oh, well in that case I come along too?!
[21:29] Dan: Oh, you don’t have to.
[21:30] Dan: Travis stays behind if he wants!
[21:30] PaperclipPanther: Unfortunately for the TPO, Travis wants.
[21:30] Dan: No worries.

While Travis stays behind in the seating car, here is what he sees:

[21:43] Dan: Out of the window, as the train rounds a curve to the left, you notice a helicopter cutting a black shadow over the horizon. The helicopter veers after a moment, humming over the train and out of your view.
[21:44] paperclippanther: in a bit of panic, I stand up and try and look through the window to see if I can spot the Helecopter… if I can’t see it then I move to the window on the other side of the train and attempt the same!
[21:45] Dan: You peer out windows on both sides, and don’t see anything.
[21:45] Dan: But you were sure you saw the helicopter briefly.
[21:45] paperclippanther: any chance I could tell if it was like news- esque or something more serious in that glance?
[21:46] Dan: Int + Streetwise.
[21:46] paperclippanther: 2 successes!
[21:47] Dan: A news chopper doesn’t really have much reason to be in this area. You’re out in the middle of the mountains, i.e., fucking nowhere. It’s not bloody likely.

Considering he’s on the run from “The Man,” this is not good news for him.

[21:31] datolkienmaster: “So, my name is Danielle, since I’ve avoided giving it out.” She salutes everyone as she sits by the window in the dining car.
[21:31] Dan: Armani man: “Gabe Newell. Nice to meet you.”
[21:31] datolkienmaster: “Friends call me Danny. Strangers too. So call me Danny if you want.”
[21:31] Dan: Anyone with Politics may roll Int + Politics.
[21:31] datolkienmaster: “Cool. Nice to meet you Gabe.”
[21:32] Dan: “You too, Danny.”
[21:33] “And I’m Brian.” He glances to politician, then nods.
[21:33] Dan: “Brian. And you said you were some kind of doctor?”
[21:33] “Yes-a surgical consultant now.”
[21:34] datolkienmaster: “Why just a surgical consultant now?”
[21:34] Dan: “Huh.” Gabe eyes Brian a bit. “It’s Brian Fukushima, isn’t it?”
[21:34] Obvagio: I begrudgingly join the others, sitting next to the surgeon.
[21:34] datolkienmaster: “I mean, if you’re smart enough to be a doctor, I’d just be a doctor.” She shrugs. “S’why I’m going for engineer. Hardest job on the market.”
[21:35] “Yes, it is.” He pulls out the napkin, spreading it across his lap.
[21:35] datolkienmaster: “What kind of doctor were you?” She leans her elbows on the table.
[21:35] Dan: “I’ve heard of you. Yeah, you went to Harvard.”
[21:36] datolkienmaster: “Fuckin’ a!” And Danny is now interested, leaning toward Brian, and listening avidly to Gabe.
[21:36] datolkienmaster: “MIT and Harvard are right next to each other, man!”
[21:37] “And I’ve heard of you, Mayor Newell.”
[21:37] Dan: “Well—haven’t heard too much, I hope.” Gabe laughs congenially.
[21:37] datolkienmaster: “Mayor Newell?” She glances to Gabe. “You’re a Mayor?”
[21:37] Dan: The pretty blonde comes around and takes all your food orders.
[21:37] Dan: “Was a Mayor, thank you.”
[21:38] Dan: The sun slowly works its way down the horizon through the windows. Heading south, you get a really nice view of the sunset.
[21:38] datolkienmaster: “Christ. I’m just an electrical engineering student, goin’ for my doctorate.” She glances to the blonde, smiling. “Hey. Uh…ham and cheese please. And a soda.”
[21:39] datolkienmaster: “So, what kinda doctor were you?” She glances to Brian again.
[21:40] “Neurosurgery.” He smiles to the blonde. “A chef salad and water, if you would.”
[21:40] datolkienmaster: “Neurosurgery, really?” Her eyebrows loft. “That’s top of the top in med school, isn’t it? And Harvard. Were you any good?”
[21:41] “You do not graduate from Harvard if you aren’t.” He gives a halfsmile that isn’t very approving.
[21:41] datolkienmaster: “Not to imply you weren’t or anything. Stuck inside with computers and and stuff to put wires together and various metals doesn’t make for good socialization skills.”
[21:42] Dan: Gabe: “I’d say you’re doing just fine.”
[21:42] Dan: Orders taken, the blonde goes to the car ahead of her.
[21:44] datolkienmaster: “Thanks, Gabe.” She grins at him before looking back to Brian. “So how many years were you in? What were your classes like at Harvard?”
[21:45] “Let me put it this way, I attained my MD when I was twenty-six. However, Harvard and MIT are positively grueling.”
[21:45] datolkienmaster: “I wouldn’t say that.” She scratches at her neck, sitting back. “I get bored at MIT. I’m always wondering if I should transfer.”
[21:45] Dan: “Bored at MIT?” Gabe laughs.
[21:46] “Perhaps the program isn’t the right fit, then.” He smiles.
[21:47] datolkienmaster: She shrugs her shoulders a bit. “I breeze through. Straight A’s and I don’t even pay attention in class. It gets dull after awhile. S’why I’m taking a vacation.”
[21:47] Dan: Food is brought out by the pretty blonde.
[21:47] Obvagio: om nom nom.
[21:47] Dan: “Vacationing in New Orleans? Or somewhere along the way? Bit late for Mardi Gras.”
[21:48] Dan: That’s Gabe talking, obv.
[21:49] Dan: The beautiful sunset is abruptly cut off as the train rockets into a dark tunnel through the mountains. Train interior lights are obviously lit, but the outside world is now the pitch-black of dark brick.

All is going according to Task Force VALKYRIE’s plan. Our point man reminds Danielle:

[21:15] Dan: “Remember, the code word for the EMP is ‘Hawking.’ Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. The EMP will take out this communications line in addition to all your other equipment.”


[21:49] datolkienmaster: “Well, see, since I’m an electrical engineering student and I’m bored, I’m gonna go down there and help them finish rebuilding. Apparently they’re sometimes having trouble getting electricity and sewage and all that rehooked up—which is kinda my thing.—Damn,” she winces a bit, rubbing her eyes.
[21:50] Dan: “Oh,” says the blonde as she’s doling out food, “don’t worry, the lovely sunset will be back in just a few minutes!”
[21:51] datolkienmaster: “Thanks.” She says to the blonde as she gets her food.
[21:51] Dan: Travis enters the dining car!
[21:52] He near immediately begins to dig in, looking up as the brute enters.
[21:52] datolkienmaster: She glances over to Travis and offers him a wave before chomping into her sandwich.
[21:52] PaperclipPanther: The entrance to the passenger cart opens and the huge man in purple and faded denim hunkers his way through. He eyes everyone in the group, then takes a seat somewhere not too close by.
[21:53] Dan: The blonde woman scurries over to Travis, and is just about to open her mouth to speak to him, when—BOOM!
[21:53] Dan: There’s an explosion that can be heard coming from the car ahead of you. Oddly, the train doesn’t jostle or shift or fall off the tracks or anything…
[21:53] Dan: but the car does gradually slow down, gradually slow, and eventually grind to a halt.
[21:53] Dan: Blonde: “Uhm, that’s…not…supposed to happen.”
[21:54] Dan: Gabe: “What the hell was that?”
[21:54] datolkienmaster: “What the f—” she spits out her sandwich a bit and glances toward Travis and the blonde and then out her window, squinting. “Uh.”
[21:54] Dan: Out the windows: blackness. Bricks if you really squint.
[21:54] datolkienmaster: “…Uh…huh.”
[21:54] PaperclipPanther: “Go find out!” he barks to the blonde. It wasn’t a suggestion.
[21:55] Dan: Blonde: “I—I’m sorry—okay! I’ll go ask the conductor!”
[21:55] Dan: The blonde scurries toward the front of the train. She opens the door leading to the next car—and screams!
[21:55] datolkienmaster: “What the hell?”
[21:55] Dan: “It’s…it’s GONE?!”
[21:55] Dan: Gabe: “What’s gone?”
[21:55] datolkienmaster: She’s promptly on her feet. “What’s—what Gabe said!”
[21:55] Dan: Blonde: “THE REST OF THE TRAIN IS GONE?!”
[21:55] Brian looks about incredibly confused.
[21:55] datolkienmaster: “…What?”
[21:55] PaperclipPanther: The man jumps to his feet! “WHAT?!”
[21:56] datolkienmaster: “Uh…huh.”
[21:56] Dan: The blonde flails her hands at the door. Sure enough, through that window, you can’t see anything but black. It’s as if the entire front of the train just…vanished.
[21:56] datolkienmaster: She moves to peek out the door then, squinting in the darkness. “…Well, there goes my offer to help fix a train engine.”
[21:56] Dan: That leaves just these two cars—the dining car and the one with all your seats and luggage—with no rest of train.
[21:57] Obvagio: I take Rosary out of my pocket and begin praying under my breath.
[21:58] “What the Hell could’ve happened?”
[21:58] Dan: Gabe looks at the blonde. “Yeah, what the hell could’ve happened?”
[21:58] Dan: Blonde: “I—I have no idea!”
[21:58] datolkienmaster: She pats her pants for a moment and then stoops to reach into one of her pockets to pull out a glowstick, which she cracks so that it starts glowing. “I’ll go check.”
[21:58] Obvagio: I smirk. “What the hell indeed…”
[21:58] Dan: Gabe looks at the Priest. “What, do you know something?”
[21:59] datolkienmaster: “Oh, I was thinking he was thinking it was Satan out here to kill us for all our sins.”
[21:59] Dan: Gabe: “Riiiiiiiight…let’s just not panic and just…y’know. Wait for help. Somebody’s got to notice a train stuck in a tunnel.
[21:59] Obvagio: “SOmething along those lines, yes.”
[22:00] PaperclipPanther: The human tower starts to breath slow, furious breaths in and out of his nose (rather loudly), “Fuckin’ ’Copter…” he mutters louder than he ment, marching back into the passenger cart.
[22:01] datolkienmaster: “Fuckin’ Copter?” She turns and stares at the tree. “This is a train, man.”

Our Engineer is getting very, very suspicious of Travis. In her earpiece, the point-man reminds her not to jump to conclusions:

[21:22] Dan: “Good, feel them out. Don’t jump to conclusions. Our intel on the mark is minimal. We do know he’s careful and paranoid. Won’t give himself away easily. Knows how to hide among the flock.”

Back to the action:

[22:01] Dan: Gabe: “Yeah, copters are in the air. WIth the propellers.”
[22:02] PaperclipPanther: He offers nothing other than an “Ow, SHIT!” as he bumped his head on the entrance to the passenger cart.
[22:02] He blinks, stunned. “We wouldn’t have been hit with a helicopter in the tunnel.”
[22:02] Dan: The blonde is standing around slack-jawed and glassy-eyed. Looks like she’s about to cry.
[22:02] datolkienmaster: “Yeah. We’d see wreckage.” She peeks out again, looking this way and that, and then shrugs to follow Travis into the other room. “So, what’s your name, big guy? Why you bitching about copters?”
[22:03] Dan: Okay, hold up.
[22:03] Dan: Anyone leaving the dining car, leave the chat. I’ll start a second chat for the other room.
[22:03] datolkienmaster: Okay!
[22:03] * datolkienmaster has left the conversation.
[22:03] *
PaperclipPanther has left the conversation.

Let’s follow Travis and Danielle into the other car:

[22:05] datolkienmaster: She lazily follows tree man!
[22:05] datolkienmaster: She’s still got a glowstick.
[22:05] Dan: Lights are on and functioning normally in the passenger car. Everything’s untouched. You’d think the train was in perfect operation. Glowstick not required.
[22:06] datolkienmaster: I still have it out ‘cause I cracked it already!!!!
[22:08] PaperclipPanther: The big fella moves for the emergency exit and hurls it open, checking to see if he could even remotely jump out of the inirtia-fed train!
[22:08] PaperclipPanther: … and also not responding to the annoying badger that followed him in.
[22:08] datolkienmaster: “What the fuck are you doing?” She moves after him, because, hey, curiosity’s a bitch!
[22:08] PaperclipPanther: badgerer…
[22:08] datolkienmaster: Is totally a bager. It’s a snaaaaake oooo a ssssnaaake!
[22:08] Dan: It doesn’t look like too bad a drop. But the rails are probably electrified, and it’s dark out there, and the tunnel stretches for miles in each direction.

This is only making Danielle more suspicious. Earpiece:

[22:09] Dan: “Someone is trying to escape? Suspicious. But not conclusive. Obviously you can’t let him leave.”


[22:09] datolkienmaster: “I wouldn’t jump out if I were you,” she offers. “Amtrak electrifies their rails. You’ll electrecute yourself.”
[22:11] datolkienmaster: “That and it’s dark. So you’ll basically be walking forever on electric rails in the dark so you can’t really watch your step.” She shrugs. “Common sense. Help’ll come get us at some point.”
[22:11] PaperclipPanther: “… FUCK!” the man punches one of the back boards, leaving a noticeable dent. He then sits down and starts breathing harder and heavier, eyes dancing about the room in no discernable pattern. For those of you playing at home, he looks pissed.
[22:12] datolkienmaster: “Uh huh.”
[22:12] Dan: The door opens, and in comes the blonde!
[22:12] datolkienmaster: “Hey.” She glances to the blonde with a nod.
[22:12] Dan: “Hey…uhm…don’t…panic…?” She offers, sounding like she needs the advice more than either of you.
[22:12] PaperclipPanther: His eyes stop dancing and fix on the Blonde with an eerie focus.
[22:12] datolkienmaster: “Don’t panic.” She smiles and pats the blonde between the shoulder blades. “Help’ll be here soon. These things are noticed pretty fast.”

In her earpiece, the point-man is urging Danielle to action, now:

[22:14] Dan: “You’re right. We can’t keep this tunnel locked down for too long. You need to get things rolling.”
[22:15] Dan: “Root out the mark if you can. If you can’t, just kill everyone. It’s only four people.”


[22:14] datolkienmaster: Her pants begin falling down again, so she removes her hand from the shoulder blades to hitch them up.
[22:15] PaperclipPanther: “…What do you want.” He finally snaps at their direction, but not to any one of them in particular."
[22:15] datolkienmaster: “Damn.” She mutters then, “hope help gets here. And I was just following you. What were you talking about, copter?”
[22:15] datolkienmaster: “Helicopter? What did you mean? There’s no way a helicopter could hit us.”
[22:16] PaperclipPanther: “There was…” He looked around like he was checking something. “There was a helecopter. Saw it before he hit the tunnel.”

Point-man in the earpiece clarifies:

[22:17] Dan: “He’s talking about our air team. We were the only bird in the sky. Must’ve gotten a glimpse of us when we were peeking in on him.”


[22:17] datolkienmaster: “So there was a helicopter.” She shrugs. “Was it like a news copter?” She glances toward the blonde. “How are the others?”

In the dining car, Gabe, the Priest, and the Surgeon are basically talking about how the Priest thinks he sees the Devil. After a short conversation they decide to follow Danielle and Travis into the seating car.

[22:18] * has joined the conversation.
[22:18] datolkienmaster: She finally tucks her glowstick into her pocket.
[22:18] *
Obvagio has joined the conversation.
[22:18] Dan: Door opens, and Gabe and the other two men enter the car.
[22:18] datolkienmaster: “Hey guys.”
[22:18] Dan: Blonde: “Oh, uhm—they’re—right here!”
[22:18] datolkienmaster: “You guys panicking yet?”
[22:18] Dan: Gabe: “Yeah, we’re here. Figured we should all just stay together. Incase one of the other cars decides to, y’know, vanish in a puff of fucking smoke.”
[22:18] PaperclipPanther: “No way… not out here…” He grumbles. His eyes dance between the three enterees.
[22:19] datolkienmaster: “Awesome.”
[22:19] Obvagio: “However, what are our plans should this car vanish?”
[22:19] Obvagio: “Die horribly?”
[22:20] “Sounds like a sound plan to me.” He rolls his eyes.
[22:23] Dan: Gabe: “It’ll be like the fucking magic schoolbus.”
[22:23] datolkienmaster: “Uh, we’ll enter the great unknown black hole. And hey, maybe we’ll do some time traveling then.” She lazily moves to lean on a seat further back in the car. “I mean, have you guys ever read any theoretical physics?”
[22:23] PaperclipPanther: His gaze returns to the poor Amtrak lady. “How long is this tunnel.”
[22:23] Dan: Blonde: “It’s, uhm…it’s like…10 miles?”
[22:24] Dan: Gabe: “Guarantee you we’re in the dead center of it.”
[22:24] Dan: Blonde: “Actually…probably…”
[22:25] datolkienmaster: “I mean, there’s all this talk about quantum gravitation with black holes and dealing with aliens and shit, like Stephen Hawking talks about. That’s badass shit.”

The Code Word has been dropped. Danielle’s point-man fires up the EMP, which will disable all electronic devices in the area.

[22:26] Dan: The lights flicker a couple of times and go out—in both cars. You’re descended into pitch darkness.
[22:26] Dan: Anyone who wants to take an action, IM me.

Here’s what you didn’t see:

[22:26] Mackenzie: Quick draw on my silver-loaded gun, and shooting where I had my eyes on the dude.
[22:27] Mackenzie: Also going to say “What the fuck?” when the lights go out to cover!
[22:31] Dan: Okay, your gunshot is at a -3 penalty for darkness and a further -2 to avoid shooting anyone else. The gun’s damage rating is 2 with silver bullets in.
[22:32] Mackenzie: WP
[22:32] Mackenzie: Dex 3 + Firearms 4 + spec + pistol damage 2 = 10 -5 = 5 + 3 = 8
[22:33] Mackenzie: Die 1 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 2 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 3 yielded 3: no success
Die 4 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 5 yielded 5: no success
Die 6 yielded 6: no success
Die 7 yielded 1: no success
Die 8 yielded 3: no success
Die 9 yielded 8: a success
Die 10 yielded 9: a success
Die 11 yielded 8: a success
6 successes in total – an exceptional success!
[22:33] Dan: lol
[22:33] Dan: you can type your wtf

Silver bullet makes Travis unhappy:

[22:34] Dan: You are shot. With a gun. And the bullet stings, undeniably, of silver. Take 6 agg damage. Roll Res + Comp -2 to check for Death Rage.
[22:34] paperclippanther: yaaaaaaay!

[22:35] paperclippanther: nope! I failed _
[22:35] Dan: Oh man.
[22:35] paperclippanther: yes! XD
[22:35] paperclippanther: lets do this, LEROOOOOOY

What you saw:

[22:33] Dan: BANG! There’s a gunshot.
[22:33] Dan: Gabe shouts, “What the fuck?”
[22:33] datolkienmaster: “What the fuck?!” comes from wherever she is, too!
[22:34] “Oh God!” comes from somewhere!
[22:34] Obvagio: “Dear Lord!” from over my way!
[22:35] Dan: The gunshot is rapidly followed by a bestial, unearthly ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR that sounds like…well…it sounds like fucking Satan.
[22:37] Obvagio: I start praying out loud, visibly terrified. (if you could see me, anyway…) Audibly terrified?
[22:43] Dan: There is a very loud THRASHING sound, like a GHSHSHSHSH, and you all hear the impact of something thwacking down on the floor. This is accompanied by a dull thunk and something rolling calmly down the aisle.
[22:44] Dan: Anyone who wants an action, IM me.

That was Travis shifting to Gauru form, in Death Rage, and incapacitating Danielle with one bite. Here’s what Dr. McNinja is doing:

[22:45] Not a real action, but crouch and try and be as small and safe as possible while Satan shows his wrath!
[22:45] Dan: haha, all right.
[22:49] Dan: roll dex + stealth.
[22:49] Using a willpower!
[22:50] Dan: Okay.
[22:50] Dex 4 – Sub 0 +WP = 6
[22:50] Die 1 yielded 9: a success
Die 2 yielded 9: a success
Die 3 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 4 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 5 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 6 yielded 2: no success
Die 7 yielded 7: no success
Die 8 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 9 yielded 5: no success
Die 10 yielded 8: a success

7 successes in total – an exceptional success!
[22:50] ho-yeah!

Meanwhile, Danielle has dropped to the ground—about to throw her Equalizer grenade, which forces shapeshifters into their natural states. The grenade rolls out of her pocket on to the floor…

[22:45] Dan: All right—as this goes on, there’s suddenly a bright white light flashing from inside the train car, on the floor—it’s like a strobe light just turned on from somewhere down there.
[22:46] Dan: There’s another THUNK of something falling down.

…and Travis is forced out of Death Rage. He tries to hide, but fails his roll.

[22:52] Dan: The lights flicker and come back on.
[22:52] Dan: Here’s the scene:
[22:53] Dan: Danielle is lying in the middle of the aisle. Her face has been severely bloodied, with horrible gashes and scratches, and her neck is twisted in a manner that looks most unhealthy.
[22:53] Dan: A few feet away from Danielle, down the aisle towards the dining car, lies a .357 magnum revolver.
[22:53] Dan: Gabe and the blonde Amtrak employee are cowering together in one of the seats.
[22:54] Dan: The Priest is also cowering in a nearby seat.
[22:54] Dan: No one else is immediately visible.
[22:54] datolkienmaster: She’s still, notably, barely breathing!
[22:56] Dan: Gabe stands up, transfixed in horror. “Okay what the FUCK just happened?!”
[22:56] Obvagio: “Merciful Father…” I look around, and satisfied that there is no immediate danger, I go over to the girl. I look up at Gabe and the blonde and say, “One of you, get the doctor.”
[22:56] Dan: Also: everyone roll Wits + Composure.
[22:57] Obvagio: (3s)
[22:58] Dan: Gabe looks down at Danielle. “Is she dead?”
[22:58] Dan: Blonde: “Uhm—where’s the doctor?”
[22:58] Obvagio: “She’s alive. For now. But she needs help.”
[22:58] Brian, speak of the Devil, pops out of an overhead storage section, falling to the floor and scrambling to our broken Danielle and immediately using his napkin from earlier to help the poor girl. He snaps a finger at a body hidden behind a seat. “Get the poor boy in the open! We need to save them both. Tick tock, people!”
[22:59] Dan: Gabe: “Who? Oh—oh my God! Are you okay, big guy?!”
[22:59] Obvagio: I go around to where I see Travis and, if I can move him to the doctor!
[23:03] PaperclipPanther: The man tries to get up from the cramped flooring between the seats, and he succeeds, sorta. He’s leaning on what ever he can for support, and there is a clear gunshot wound in his chest, which oddly enough is bubbling and gurgling angrily in a sort of this-isn’t-natural sort of way. “…fuckin’ shot me…?” he growls hoarsly.
[23:04] Dan: Gabe: “Jesus Christ. Two wounded, one doctor.”
[23:04] datolkienmaster: For her part, she lies there close to death and not saying a word, so at least she’s not babbling anymore?
[23:04] Dan: The blonde points down with a shaky finger at the gun. “It’s the assassin’s weapon!”
[23:04] His eyes dart over the woman, pushing down onto her with his weight and turning her head sharply with a crack! He then leaps up, grabbing a dividing curtain, and ripping it down, tying it roughly around her like a toga.
[23:05] PaperclipPanther: The trunk man reaches for the gun, and assuming nobody contends his gesture, he tosses it out the open emergency exit!
[23:06] Dan: “Hey—” Gabe shouts, as Travis reaches for the gun, “Heyheyhey NO!”
[23:06] Dan: Still going to grab it?
[23:06] PaperclipPanther: yeah
[23:07] Dan: Well, he doesn’t have the balls to really step in and stop you.
[23:07] Dan: So you toss the gun out the emergency exit .Gabe heaves a sigh. “Jesus Christ, dude.”
[23:07] PaperclipPanther: well, I grab it… then I toss it out the window
[23:08] Dan: Blonde: “Someone shot him with that! Clearly he did not shoot himself!”
[23:08] datolkienmaster: Her eyes open and she wobbles and drunkenly sings: “I’ll send an SOS to the world,” she wobbles a bit. “Message…in a booottle…”
[23:08] Dan: Gabe: “This is all pretty fucking confusing!”
[23:09] Dan: The blonde looks down at Danielle and gasps. “Oh my God, she’s alive! You saved her!”
[23:09] Obvagio: “She was always alive. He just staved off the inevitable for a time.”
[23:09] datolkienmaster: “I hope that someone gets my…I hope that someone gets my…message in a bottle…” She grits her teeth a bit and her eyes dimly focus on Brian. “Herr Doctor…”
[23:10] He stops paying her any attention, looking to Travis. “Someone, please grab my bag. I’ve got to get to work.”
[23:10] datolkienmaster: Her eyes then dimly focus on Travis and they widen and she attempts to scramble away.
[23:11] Obvagio: I try to cam her down. “Now, now, child. You need to stay still.”
[23:11] Obvagio: calm…
[23:12] datolkienmaster: “Keep him away from me!” She squawks, scrambling into her pockets to pull out some very menacing pepper spray!
[23:12] Obvagio: “What did he do?”
[23:12] datolkienmaster: She also ows a lot during this, getting some blood on her sheet.
[23:12] Dan: Gabe: “Uhm…”
[23:12] datolkienmaster: Curtain…thing.
[23:13] He snaps his finger at the blonde. “My, bag, if you would. Black medical bag.”
[23:13] Dan: Blonde: “Someone shot him. Why are you scared of him?”
[23:13] Dan: The blonde goes, “Uhm—okay—uhm—okay!” and goes to find the bag.
[23:13] PaperclipPanther: “Fuck you, too.” He snarls to the girl
[23:13] datolkienmaster: She stares at everyone, clutching her pepper spray, looking panicked, and then slumps against the seat, feeling the scratches on her face.
[23:13] PaperclipPanther: the engeneer, that is
[23:13] Dan: The blonde hands the Surgeon his medical bag.
[23:14] Dan: Gabe: “What the FUCK is going on here?”
[23:14] Obvagio: “What. Happened.”
[23:14] PaperclipPanther: “I got shot…” The behemoth mumbles…
[23:14] “Boy, stay still.” He opens the bag, trying to tend to the shot victim.
[23:14] datolkienmaster: “I got sliced up.”
[23:14] Obvagio: “By whom?”
[23:15] PaperclipPanther: “Fuck am I supposed to know? The lights went out!” he barked.
[23:15] PaperclipPanther: then he winced, clutching his wound, still bubbling
[23:15] datolkienmaster: “Saint Michael the Archangel,” she says, slowly, bowing her head, “defend us. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.”
[23:16] Obvagio: I look quite confused at her, but in the end, begin to silently pray along.
[23:16] Dan: With the steady hands of a top-notch surgeon, Brian administers some painkillers to Travis and then digs into his chest to get the hunk of bullet out with his forceps.
[23:17] He slaps the boy’s hand away, flicking a small blade in the woudn and effortlessly pulling out a bullet, gauze immediately up and pressed to the woung, wrapping it tight and shoving pills at him.
[23:17] Dan: For Travis, this process—despite painkillers—is quite painful.
[23:17] datolkienmaster: She mumbles, and then looks up, attempting to push up to her feet. THis doesn’t go well. She ends up back on the ground.
[23:18] PaperclipPanther: Through ther whole procedure there is a long, sustained groan from the hulking figure.
[23:18] datolkienmaster: “…Cast into hell ,Satan and all the Evil spirits…” Then drunkenly: “Sending out an SOS, sending out an SOS…” She’s apparently not in her right mind at the moment.

Severely wounded, and potentially compromised, our Engineer is basically pleading for help from her point-man. This is what she gets:

[23:22] Dan: Michael’s voice in the earpiece: “Extraction isn’t going to happen until the mission’s done. You know that.”

Oof. Action:

[23:20] PaperclipPanther: “What the hell is she going on about?” he looked down to the crazy lady.
[23:20] Dan: Gabe shakes his head. “Think she’s in shock. I’m surprised you’re not in shock.”
[23:21] Obvagio: “She was praying, but has since lapsed into a song. And I agree. She is likely in shock.”
[23:21] datolkienmaster: “Just singin’ to keep my mind off how much this hurts,” she mumbles. “No one here but meee oh…rescue me before I fall into despaaaiir…I hope that someone gets my…fuuck,” she looks up at Travis and then to Gabe, struggling to try and get up again.
[23:22] “There’s something wrong with this bullet.” He tosses a bottle of pain pills at the Priest. “Give her two of those.”
[23:22] datolkienmaster: “Where’s my ipod?” she asks blearily, moving for her seat, stumbling a bit.
[23:22] Obvagio: I catch the bottle and hand her two!
[23:23] datolkienmaster: She takes the two pills and blearily shoves them into her mouth.
[23:23] datolkienmaster: “Yeah, yeah,” she says to the priest, before getting to her luggage and starting to rifle through it.

Our Engineer has now decided that her best chance is to build an IED out of spare parts from the Equalizer Grenade and her various electronics. She’s trying to assemble this thing to make a small explosion, and then rig it up to the train from the outside to try to ignite one of the cars—with the other passengers inside. No one is suspecting anything, because…

[23:35] Mackenzie: Wits 4 + Subterfuge 4 + WP 3 = 11
[23:36] Mackenzie: …Uh huh.
[23:36] Mackenzie: Die 1 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 2 yielded 5: no success
Die 3 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 4 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 5 yielded 3: no success
Die 6 yielded 6: no success
Die 7 yielded 7: no success
Die 8 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 9 yielded 6: no success
Die 10 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 11 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 12 yielded 1: no success
Die 13 yielded 1: no success
Die 14 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 15 yielded 5: no success
Die 16 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 17 yielded 8: a success
Die 18 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 19 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 20 yielded 5: no success
Die 21 yielded 4: no success
11 successes in total – an exceptional success!


[23:24] Dan: Gabe: “Something wrong with the bullet? What do you mean?”
[23:24] “It’s way too soft. A normal bullet would’ve ripped right through him.”
[23:26] He stands, wiping his bloody hands off on a napkin.
[23:26] datolkienmaster: She stares in her bag for a moment and then: “What was the shiny thing that went off…” She begins blearily moving around again, halfway out of it. “Just dance…it’ll be okay…sing a little bit, Danny…”
[23:26] Dan: Gabe: “Too soft? What’s it made out of, cotton candy?”
[23:27] I look at the bullet for a moment, bite down on it, stare a bit more.
[23:28] datolkienmaster: She scoops up whatever that glowing thing was and eyes it, returning to wearily flop down in her seat.
[23:29] “It’s silver.”
[23:29] Dan: Gabe: “Silver? What the fuck? Somebody shot him with silver?”
[23:29] datolkienmaster: She keeps staring at it for a moment before, blearily: “Where’s my ipod?” and she begins digging around in her bag again.
[23:29] Obvagio: “Well, it would explain that ungodly roar…”
[23:29] Dan: Blonde looks at Danielle. “Uhm…shouldn’t you be…resting…?”
[23:29] Dan: Gabe looks at the Priest. “What would?”
[23:30] Obvagio: “Silver bullets. A bestial noise. Put two and two together, Mayor Newell.”
[23:30] He shakes his head. “You are quite delusional, aren’t you, Father.”
[23:31] PaperclipPanther: “Just what are you tryin’ to say, Priest?” Travis Looms over said priest, looking all angry and stuff.
[23:31] datolkienmaster: She gets down on her hands and knees in front of her luggage and giggles a bit. “Focus on something else, Danny…” And she starts lazily playing with the stuff in her luggage.
[23:31] Dan: Gabe looks at the Priest, then at Travis. “Are you saying he’s the Devil, now?”
[23:31] Obvagio: “I never said it was you, dear boy. Just that it’s someone. You happened to be shot.”
[23:32] "Let
[23:32] “Let’s see if I have something in my bag for hyperreligiosity…” He bends down to check!
[23:33] Obvagio: I scowl at them, but say nothing. I then sit down next to Danielle.
[23:33] datolkienmaster: It’s like she’s playing with legos, if the legos happened to be a bunch of mechanical crap, and involved a wrench. “Focus on something else…”
[23:33] Dan: Danielle is holding some weird burnt-looking cylinder and is apparently taking it apart.
[23:35] Obvagio: I look to her, and ask her, “What is that?”
[23:35] datolkienmaster: “I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I’m so pretty and witty and g—this is a wrench,” she offers blearily.
[23:35] PaperclipPanther: Watching the priest, Travis’s eyes follow to Danny and the thing in her hands. he lumbers over to take a closer look, but not close enough that he could touch anyone, or vice versa
[23:37] He finishes going through the bag. “Apparently not. I only carry so many antipsychotics at a time, per US law.” He glances over. “More silver?”
[23:37] Dan: Anyone with Science who wants to analyze what Danielle is playing with may roll Int + Science.
[23:37] datolkienmaster: “I love my wrench,” she blearily tells everyone as she keeps working away. “My mom got it for me when I got a full ride to MIT. S’served me well.”
[23:40] PaperclipPanther: He keeps studying her work, silent and pissy, true to form.
[23:41] He blinks a bit. “Are you sure you should be taking apart the grenade-like object, darling?” He reaches a hand out. “Let me see it, please.” He says this in the same tone as someone asking a child for its toy.
[23:42] Dan: Gabe scratches his head. “We’ve apparently got a killer on the loose, maybe we can start taking that more seriously?”
[23:42] datolkienmaster: “It’s not a grenade,” she mumbles. “’M not that stupid,” she says. “Gotta focus on something.” Just like a child, she hugs it to her, fiddling with ipod. “Oh when the saints…go marching in…”
[23:42] datolkienmaster: “Who cut me up,” she offers, nodding to Gabe.
[23:42] Dan: Gabe: “And who apparently goes around with silver bullets which I didn’t think were even possible to make.
[23:43] PaperclipPanther: “Granade…” he mumbles, looking at the granade like object.
[23:43] “What it it, then?” He ignores the other man, still focused on the patient.
[23:44] datolkienmaster: “It’s…supposed to let off light…” She turns it over and over in her hands, squinting at it. “It just lets off a lot of light really fast.”
[23:44] Dan: Gabe: “Like a strobe light?”
[23:44] datolkienmaster: “Yeah…”
[23:44] Obvagio: “Just like the light from earlier…”
[23:44] PaperclipPanther: “Who’s is it.”
[23:45] datolkienmaster: She pulls her ipod apart and pulls out some duct tape to start taping shit.
[23:45] PaperclipPanther: note: travis doesn’t ask questions.
[23:45] datolkienmaster: “I dunno…never seen anything like it though….should make a good signal flare if I can get it to work…”
[23:45] Dan: Danielle is disassembling her iPod, removing parts of it, and duct taping parts of the iPod to parts of the grenade-thing. She’s clearly trying to assemble something.
[23:46] datolkienmaster: “And so pretty I can hardly…believe I’m real…”
[23:46] Another breath. “What are you making, Danielle?”
[23:46] Dan: Gabe: “She said a signal flare. Is that really gonna accomplish anything down here?”
[23:46] datolkienmaster: “I just told you…” Her head lolls a bit. “Signal flare…the strobe light should get us some light so people know where we are…how long has it been…”
[23:47] datolkienmaster: “And I pity any girl…who isn’t me today…lalalalalalaa…”
[23:49] Dan: Blonde: “It hasn’t been that long…though it’s felt lke a while…”
[23:52] datolkienmaster: She pulls out some glowsticks and starts throwing them in with the shit, pulling out an omni tool and using a screwdriver from it and then more duct tape. “It’s hard to be sarcastic when your pants are elastic…”
[23:52] PaperclipPanther: “…” Travis keeps staring agrily at the girl while she works and babbles out bad tunes.
[23:53] He looks over Travis with a slight smile, crossing his arms and settling back a bit.
[23:54] datolkienmaster: “Who cut me up,” she asks again, peering up at the priest and then back to her makeshift leggo flare.
[23:54] datolkienmaster: *lego!
[23:54] Obvagio: “A good question. Who indeed…”
[23:54] Dan: Gabe: “That’s what I’m wondering. Why does nobody else seem interested in finding out who the fuck just tried to kill two people?!”

Gabe is trying to help. There is very little murder-mystery suspicion going on here, considering two people were just attacked and nearly killed. This isn’t going to end well.

[23:55] datolkienmaster: “I would like to know who tried to kill me too…”
[23:55] PaperclipPanther: “Probably the same dick that shot me.”
[23:55] datolkienmaster: “Did anyone else /hear/ that noise…”
[23:55] Dan: Gabe: “I think we all fucking heard it.”
[23:55] PaperclipPanther: “Yeah.”
[23:55] Dan: Gabe looks around at all of you. “What was it?”
[23:56] datolkienmaster: “Sounded…sounded like a monster…”
[23:56] PaperclipPanther: “Fuck if I give a shit, I want off this hell hole.”
[23:56] Obvagio: “perhaps some creature attacked the poor child. And the boy was caught in the crossfire when she defended herself?”
[23:57] PaperclipPanther: “Defended herself?” His eyes narrowed to Danny. “That was your gun?”
[23:57] Dan: Gabe: “So you think she shot the gun? With silver bullets?” Gabe looks at Danielle. “Was that your gun?”
[23:57] Brian looks around. “Creature? Let’s be a bit more rational. We’re in a tunnel. Maybe a scream was echo-oh, was it your gun?”
[23:57] datolkienmaster: “I have a gun, but…” She pats her pockets a bit and pulls it out. “Full bullets…”
[23:57] Obvagio: “It’s a theory.”
[23:58] PaperclipPanther: “not what I asked.” he kept glaring. “Was that” he pointed to the emergency escape. “Your gun.”
[23:58] datolkienmaster: “I just…got this one for protection,” she offers blearily, standing up and hugging her flare to her chest.
[23:59] Dan: Blonde: “You brought a gun on to an Amtrak train? That’s—that’s not allowed!”
[23:59] datolkienmaster: “I’m gonna go try to set this up to alert any coming rescuers…” She begins stumbling for the emergency exit. “Anyone got a flashlight…?”
[23:59] Dan: Gabe: “Oh who cares what’s allowed.”
[23:59] Dan: Gabe: “You shouldn’t go alone. I’ll go with you.”
[23:59] PaperclipPanther: “And the other one I threw out was for what, shootin’ me!” he barked
[23:59] datolkienmaster: “It’s for protection in New Orleans…case you can’t tell, I’m not good at self defense…”
[23:59] Dan: Blonde: “Why don’t we all go?”
[00:00] datolkienmaster: “No. The train tracks are electrified. I can tell which is which. If someone’ll hold a light for me.” She nods to Gabe. “Would you…?”
[00:00] Obvagio: “Yes, let’s.”
[00:00] Dan: Gabe nods. “Yeah I’ll hold a light for you.”
[00:00] datolkienmaster: She gets out her last remaining glowstick and offers it to Gabe, moving to the exit. “Everyone else stay in here in case I get electrified…”
[00:01] Brian looks over Travis and then Danielle. “That would be a waste of my beautiful work.”
[00:01] datolkienmaster: “Yeah, so make sure the Mayor keeps the light steady until I’m sure of where I’m stepping…”
[00:02] datolkienmaster: She moves to eye the ground and then carefully slips out.
[00:03] Obvagio: My face screws up, in a most peculiar way. “Something… Something isn’t right. Moreso than before. But I can’t put my finger on what it is…”
[00:03] Dan: Gabe takes the glowstick and snaps it.
[00:03] PaperclipPanther: “Why the fuck we need a beacon in the middle of a tunnle…” The man lumbers off after Danny.
[00:04] datolkienmaster: “Like they know where we are…I won the State science fair for…a machine that could get in contact with Satellites…this beacon lights us up there and here…” She slips out the back carefully picking her way.
[00:04] datolkienmaster: “Should get through the mountain…”
[00:05] Brian spares a look to the blonde. “We’re better off as a group.” He starts to follow the mass exodus.
[00:05] Obvagio: I follow the others!
[00:05] datolkienmaster: “You guys are blocking the light,” she says grumpily. “Back away from the door a bit.”
[00:06] He dutifully takes a step back.

Here, Travis decides that he’s had enough of this crap. He uses his werewolf Gift, Nightfall, to plunge the whole area into darkness. He’s convinced the Engineer is most likely the assassin, and wants to finish her off.

[00:06] Obvagio: steps back as well
[00:07] Dan: As Danielle moves over toward the emergency exit to climb out, the lights—all lights, the car lights, the dining car lights, even the glowstick—all simultaneously blink out, plunging the whole tunnel into perfect blackness.
[00:07] Dan: Anyone taking an action, IM.

The Engineer is desperate to escape. She scrambles out the Emergency Exit. But Travis has other plans:

[00:18] paperclippanther: essence to shift to Urshal reflexively then make a bite attacke?
[00:18] Dan: sure.
[00:18] paperclippanther: woo!
[00:18] Dan: Urshul removes the -3 darkness penalty.
[00:18] paperclippanther: hot!
[00:18] Dan: Str + Brawl + spec, +2 for a bite attack, – her Defense of 3.
[00:19] paperclippanther: and strenght is also at 5 now, right?
[00:19] Dan: yup.
[00:19] paperclippanther: ok!
[00:20] paperclippanther: and another 2 for ability or no?
[00:20] Dan: nope, that was once per game. but you can go all-out on the attack for 2 more dice.
[00:21] paperclippanther: oh, ok
[00:21] paperclippanther: sure, all out sounds fun!
[00:21] Dan: okay!
[00:21] paperclippanther: 8L to the face! … and prefferably the throat and other vital organs!
[00:22] Dan: you seize her by the waist as she’s wriggling out the window, and proceed to rip her body in half.
[00:23] paperclippanther: another essence to shift back Hishu and abandon ship!
[00:24] Dan: Dex + Athletics
[00:25] paperclippanther: wow… 4 successes
[00:26] Dan: Okay, you land down by the tracks.
[00:26] Dan: Just running the fuck out of here, then?
[00:26] paperclippanther: um… hrm…
[00:27] paperclippanther: yeah…
[00:27] Dan: Danielle’s bloody very-dead upper half lands down on the tracks beside you. If being ripped in half didn’t kill her, the electric shock of landing on an electrified rail certainly did.

Meanwhile, Dr. McNinja is being his usual effective self:

[00:07] Hiding again! I’m not dealing with the Priest killing me in his religious fevor
[00:08] Dan: dex + Stealth
[00:08] Dex 4 – Stealth 0 + WP = 6 again!
[00:08] Die 1 yielded 8: a success
Die 2 yielded 1: no success
Die 3 yielded 9: a success
Die 4 yielded 8: a success
Die 5 yielded 8: a success
Die 6 yielded 10: a success, spawning another die
Die 7 yielded 8: a success

6 successes in total – an exceptional success!


[00:12] Dan: You all hear some banging about, some rattling of the emergency exit window.
[00:12] datolkienmaster: There’s a high pitched shriek: “AHHH! KEEP HIM AWAY!”
[00:22] Dan: The shrieking grows louder and more terrible. There is a demonic snarling sound, a hot puff of breath, and then a horrible rending sound, like a pumpkin being smashed.
[00:22] Dan: Anyone who wants an action, IM.
[00:25] Dan: There’s the fleshy sound of something hitting the floor on the inside of the car—and another sound of something hitting the ground on the outside of the car, far side of the emergency exit.
[00:27] Dan: There’s a prolonged silence in the dark.
[00:28] Dan: After several minutes of tense, horrible silence, all the lights come back on…
[00:29] Dan: The lower half of Danielle’s body—her legs, up to her waist—is lying in a heap under the emergency exit window. Blood has smeared all over the window and down in hot streaks to the mess of flesh lying there.
[00:30] Dan: Only her legs and waist are visible, the top half of her apparently missing.
[00:30] Dan: The window is open, letting in the hot air from the tunnel.
[00:30] Dan: The Priest is cowering in one of his seats.
[00:30] Dan: Gabe and the blonde are clinging to one another in another set of seats.
[00:30] Dan: The blonde screams at the sight of Danielle’s bloody stump of a lower half.
[00:31] Dan: Neither Brian nor Travis can be seen.
[00:31] Obvagio: I do the sign of the cross at the sight. “God’s blood… I knew something was wrong… I… I knew it…”
[00:32] Dan: As Brian eventually emerges from the luggage compartments overhead, and everyone takes stock of the horrible, mysterious violence that has been inflicted, the Priest is soothed by the sensation that the Devil’s presence has left this place…
[00:32] * Your previous message has not been sent. Reason: Maximum length (232) exceeded. You can recall the last message typed with Ctrl-Up or Up, depending on settings.
[00:33] Dan: As Brian eventually emerges from the luggage compartments overhead, and everyone takes stock of the horrible, mysterious violence that has been inflicted,
[00:33] Dan: the Priest is soothed by the sensation that the Devil’s presence has left this place…
[00:33] Dan: …and so has Travis, who is no longer anywhere to be found.
[00:33] Obvagio: “Then… It was Travis. The girl attacked him in self defense. He’s the Beast!”
[00:34] Brian clutches the knife, looking over the horrid body of Danielle. “So much work… wasted…”
[00:34] datolkienmaster: She lays in two bloody halves!
[00:34] Dan: One half is inside the train and the other half is on the tracks! Hee!
[00:34] Dan: That’s the end, guys. Our killer has escaped.

The End!

Session two

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