The House

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1890. Buckinghamshire, England. Baron Nathaniel Royce, wealthy English industrialist, has invited a small circle of artists to join him at his home, Scarborough Manor, for a gathering on the Autumnal Equinox. It is an open secret that this exclusive Salon is part of the vetting process; as a staunch supporter of the arts, Baron Royce is always on the lookout for new talent, and each of the artists invited to this gathering is blessed with the opportunity to draw notice and become one of the lucky few to enjoy the Baron’s patronage.

It’s within the walls of this immense mansion that the artists and their potential patron will sit down to dinner.

This is the dining room, where all the magic happens! For the rest, you shall use your imagination:

GROUND FLOOR: The most accessible portion of Scarborough Manor.

Red & White Drawing Rooms: These two rooms—Red for ladies, White for gentlemen—are the waiting rooms in which guests may gather prior to entering the Manor proper. It is in these posh sitting rooms that invitations and coats are checked. Both Drawing Rooms connect to the Dining Room and to the upstairs; the White Drawing Room also connects to the Gentlemen’s Wing.

Dining Room: Where the banquet will be served. The Dining Room connects to the Kitchens and to the East Gallery.

Kitchens: Behind the Dining Room. Contains a huge pantry. Meant for servants. Connects to the Dining Room, Servants’ Quarters, and stairs down to the catacombs.

Servants’ Quarters: Bedrooms for the maid, the cook, and the butler. Connects to the Kitchens via a Servants’ Passage.

East Gallery: A lounge featuring paintings, music, and a wide array of books from artists old and new. Large bay windows overlook the Gardens on the East side of the Manor.

Gardens: Partially exterior to the house via a piazza. Contains a large variety of exotic plants. There is a hedge maze.

Gentlemen’s Wing: Contains several rooms, including two guest bedrooms, a smoking lounge, a billiards room, and an armory showcasing a wide variety of antique and modern arms and armor, from spears of the ancient world to state-of-the-art firearms.


Blue Room: a massively posh lounge featuring bay windows that offer the full, glorious view of both the front and back gardens. The stairs below lead directly into this gorgeous suite. Connects to the Ladies’ Bedrooms and the Entertainment Suites. Stairs continue up to the second floor, although these stairs are cordoned off from public use.

Ladies’ Bedrooms: On this floor are three bedrooms for ladies: two for guests, and one for the Baron’s daughter, Eliza Royce. Connects to Blue Room.

Entertainment Suites: A ballroom for dancing, with a grand piano. A museum showcasing the finest in silver and porcelain. An Innovation Room, containing prototypes of the most state-of-the-art inventions. Connects to Blue Room.


This floor is rumored to contain an impressive library, and collections of ancient texts, but Baron Royce does not permit most guests to venture this far upstairs.


Beneath the kitchens of the ground floor there lies a network of underground tunnels used primarily for the aging of wine. These dark, labyrinthine cellars are stocked to the brim with oak casks.

The House

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