The Rules

The rules for the game are pretty simple.

1) Once the game starts, keep ooc conversation in the chat room to a minimum. ((Double parentheses)) for occasional ooc comments are acceptable.

2) For simplicity’s sake, you will describe your character’s actions in plain prose, using third person, i.e.: John sits down in his chair. For dialogue, you would use quotation marks just like in a book, i.e., John says, “What’s up?”

2a) If your character speaks a language other than English, and you want to say something in that language, emote that your character “says something in [language]” and then tell the ST privately what it is that you said. The meaning of your words will be given in whole or in part to all of the other players who understood. (This is to prevent people who don’t speak the language from understanding what you said, and to prevent you from knowing OOC exactly who does understand you and who doesn’t.)

3) You agree, once the game starts, absolutely not to communicate with the other players outside of designated chatrooms. We’re on the honor system here, people. Be cool.

4) Dice rolls will be made using this dice roller. You’ll roll the appropriate number of dice and paste the results to your ST in IM. Honor system, people.

5) If your character dies, you’ll be allowed to remain, spectate, roleplay your corpse (which is sometimes more involved than it sounds), and lightly heckle the survivors.

5a) It is worth pointing out that character death is pretty damn likely in this game—in fact, most of our sessions end with somewhere between zero and two survivors. It is very possible, given the reliance of this game on information denial and surprise, that you will be killed without even being given a fair opportunity to defend yourself. Accept this, roll with it, and don’t get too attached to your character. Just enjoy the ride.

Notes on Sheets:

1) Please carefully look over all of your character’s Attributes, Skills, other Traits, and Equipment. This entire game will take place in one location, and in one session, so you won’t gain any Experience, and access to new equipment especially will be extremely limited. Take a few minutes to become familiar with what you have. It’s likely to be all you get.

2) Please read your character’s history very carefully. Take a little time to learn it, and feel free to ask me any questions about it. This history is for you to know. It will inform how you play the character, of course, but you’re under no obligation to tell anyone anything (or to tell the truth, either, if asked).

3) Every character has at least one Special Ability. Take note of these, as they are very powerful abilities that could change the course of the game. Some can be used only once during the game session, while others apply to very specific situations. Some of these abilities have drawbacks, though, so be careful.

4) Every character also has at least one Flaw. These Flaws are more debilitating than Flaws in most World of Darkness games—this is intentional. Your character is built to have exaggerated strengths and weaknesses. Take note of your Flaw, and be sure to play it. There will be consequences if you ignore it. In addition to the Flaw, some of you also have derangements. The same caveat applies.

The Rules

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